Module 2 - Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

Topics of lectures:

  1. Basic knowledge about anesthesiology.

  2. Cardio-pulmonary and cerebral resuscitation.

  3. Acute respiratory failure.

  4. Shocks.

  5. Consciousness disorders.

Topics of practical lessons and seminars:

  1. Advanced cardiac life support - ACLS (second stage of CPR).

  2. Acute respiratory failure. General issues of intensive care.

  3. Acute coronary failure. Shocks. General issues of intensive care.

  4. Acute cardiac syndrome. Acute cardiac rhythm impairment. Pulmonary embolism. Sepsis.

  5. Acute renal and liver failure.

  6. Acute neurological impairment. Comatose conditions. Diabetic comas.

  7. Poisoning and methods of detoxification.

  8. Prevention and intensive care postoperative complications.