Educational process

Due to the strengthening of quarantine events from 29.03.2021, the educational process at the department is carried out in a distance format on the Google Meet. The link to the videoconference is placed on the schedule page of classes under the dozen's teacher surname in a day before. If the teacher will not be able to conduct classes on technical or other reasons, a dozen could be attached to another dozen of the same group, so it is extremely important to go to the conference by the link provided immediately before the start of the class.

Materials for preparation are located on the "Educational materials" page.

The quality assessment of the acquired topics is carried out on the Moodle platform. Students must perform a task respectively the schedule.

In case of problems of entry into the conference, or other questions regarding distance learning, please contact

A rework of missed classes and unsatisfactory ratings

The rework of missed classes and unsatisfactory assessments consists of an oral response topic during an online conference with the teacher and performing tests on the Moodle platform.

To work out missed classes or unsatisfactory assessments, you need to fill out a recording form before the day, which is located at the bottom of this page. On the day of working out to go to a conference on Google Meet at a link in the graphics schedule. If the student has not registered in the form the day before, he can sign up immediately before the start, join and work out. But it should be noted that, if the day before, any students has not registered, the conference will be inactive and will be impossible to work out.

It is possible to rework on the any working day in agreement with the teacher, if at this time he has not the lesson with the another dozen. In this case, the student should also register in the form below.

Schedule of rework


04.09.2021 - Krishtafor A.A. (eng)

11.09.2021 - prof. Tsarev O.V.

18.09.2021 - Tyutyunnyk A.G. (eng)

25.09.2021 - Belotsekovets O.V. (eng)


02.10.2021 - Mashin A.M.

09.10.2021 - Shajda O.A. (eng)

16.10.2021 - Krishtafor A.A. (eng)

23.10.2021 - prof. Tsarev O.V.

30.10.2021 - Tyutyunnyk A.G. (eng)


06.11.2021 - Belotsekovets O.V. (eng)

13.11.2021 - Mashin A.M.

20.11.2021 - Shajda O.A. (eng)

27.11.2021 - Krishtafor A.A. (eng)


04.12.2021 - prof. Tsarev O.V.

11.12.2021 - Tyutyunnyk A.G. (eng)

18.12.2021 - Belotsekovets O.V. (eng)

25.12.2021 - Mashin A.M.


15.01.2022 - Shajda O.A. (eng)

22.01.2022 - Krishtafor A.A. (eng)

29.01.2022 - prof. Tsarev O.V.