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Content module 7.

General issues of anesthesiology and resuscitation

Topics of practical classes

Theme 13. Types of anesthesia, their disadvantages and advantages, indications, and contraindications for separate species of anesthesia. Preoperative examination of the patient. Determination of the degree of operational and anesthetic risk. Stages of operative anesthesia. The stage of anesthesia. Clinical, laboratory, and monitoring observation of patients during surgical intervention.

Theme 14. Postoperative intensive care, as a continuation of surgical treatment. Complications in the postoperative period from various organs and systems.

Theme 15. Diagnosis and emergency assistance with acute breathing disorders and blood circulation.

Theme 16. Terminal states. Causes of the circulatory stop. Clinical death. Pathophysiological substantiation of the method of cardiovo-pulmonary and brain resuscitation. Basic Life Support (and BLC+Defib)